RUSSIA: A Russian lawmaker wants the government to ban "Beauty and the Beast" over gay propaganda

A Russian official urges the government of the Russian Federation to ban Disney's new "Beauty and the Beast" remake after labeling it "a blatant, shameless propaganda of sin and perverted sexual relationships."   

The complaint was detailed in a letter sent by Vitaly Milonov to the Culture Minister Vladimir Medinsky and reported by state-run news agency Ria Novsti.

It says the movie should not be shown in Russia if the ministry found "elements of propaganda of homosexuality." The Ministry of Culture has not yet issued a ruling on the film, which stars Emma Watson and is scheduled to open in Russia March 16. 

The motion picture is evaluated PG and is a cutting edge revamp of the 1991 enlivened hit. Its director, Bill Condon, has said the character of LeFou, groveling sidekick to the vallainous Gaston, has a "solely gay minute" in the film. 

Russia's legislature passed an enactment in 2013 denying the spreading of "gay promulgation" among minors. The law, which depicted homosexuality as "non-conventional sexual relations," bars the general population discourse of gay rights and connections anyplace youngsters may hear it.

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