Friday, April 28, 2017

Daughter's search for her biological parents led her to an execution in Arkansas

Gina Grimm grew up in a comfortable home, sheltered by her adopted parents, yet she always wondered who her biological parents were and what they looked like. She made it clear she would go in search of her parents when she was older and her adoptive parents never discouraged her from acting out her curiosity.

Eventually, she went searching and that led her to the execution of her father and another in Arkansas.

Thursday, March 9, 2017

Malaysians banned from leaving North Korea over the murder of King Jong-Nam

King Jong-Nam, half-brother of North Korea Leader, Kim Jong Un was murdered at Kuala Lumpur International Airport, Malaysia on February 13.
Due to the controversies surrounding the murder, North Korea's foreign ministry has issued a temporary ban on Malaysians leaving the country in order to ensure the safety of its own diplomats and citizens in Malaysia.

Football: FC Barcelona hammers PSG 6-1, the greatest UCL comeback

FC Barcelona hammers 6 past PSG in the return leg of UCL round of 16 at Nou Camp to mark the greatest ever comeback in UEFA Champions League and European Cup history, after losing 4-0 to PSG in the first leg in France.
Luis Enrique switched up the tactics with a three-man defense, Lionel Messi in the attacking midfield, Neymar Jnr, Luiz Suarez and Rafinha up-front.

Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Homophobic: 'Transsexual' woman drag from her home and beaten to death [video]

In what appears to be a trend or so in Brazil, another transsexual, 42-year-old Dandara dos Santos was beaten to death in Fortaleza, Ceara State, Brazil apparently for being transsexual. 
The footage of the lynching was released by the Police in an attempt to find and arrest the perpetrators.

Speaking in Portuguese, the individual filming the assault could be heard saying 'they will kill the faggot' (translated to English) and laughing.

Israel decriminalizes recreational use of marijuana

Israel decriminalizes the recreational use of marijuana on Sunday, February 5, 2017. Under the new policy, first-time offenders caught using marijuana in public will be handed a fine of $250, without facing criminal charges. 
The money will be used for drug rehabilitation and education. 
A second offense will be subject to a fine of approximately $500, while a third offense may require rehabilitation, education and a suspended driver's license. A fourth offense will be subject to prosecution and a possible prison term.

Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Football: Zlatan Ibrahimovich handed a three-match ban for violent conduct

Manchester United's striker, Zlatan Ibrahimovich was involved in bust-up with some Bournemouth players after the big Swede appeared to elbow Tyrone Mings during an aerial challenge which led to a Bournemouth player being sent off.

Zlatan will miss FA Cup quarter-final at Chelsea on Monday, followed by the Premier League matches against Middlesbrough and West Brom.
See a photo of the assault after the cut

North Korea fires four new ballistic missiles into Japan: Japan, South Korea, China and United States react!

North Korea, on Monday morning launched four ballistics missile into the sea of Japan, while one missile failed to launch, a move the Japanese government has described as 'very dangerous' as it was within 200 miles of Japan's coast.

The four missiles, which were intermediate-range missiles traveled almost 1,000 kilometers (620 miles) towards the Sea of Japan, also known as the East Sea, and the provocative action by North Korea's Kim Jong-Un has now been confirmed by the United States, Japanese and South Korean governments.

Trump signs executive order on revised travel ban - removes Iraq from the list

US President, Donald Trump has recently signed a revised travel-ban on six Muslim-majority countries, dropping Iraq from the new list.

The new travel-ban comes a month and a half after Trump's initial official request was taken off in the midst of turmoil and disarray at airports in the United States and in the long run blocked by a federal court. 

Monday, March 6, 2017

North Korea orders out Malaysia's ambassador over Kim Jong Nam's death

North Korea has requested Malaysia's minister out of the nation in a blow for blow reaction after Malaysia ordered North Korea's envoy over the demise of Kim Jong Nam at Kuala Lumpur's airplot. The Malaysian envoy has been marked persona non grata and ordered to leave in 48 hours. 

RUSSIA: A Russian lawmaker wants the government to ban "Beauty and the Beast" over gay propaganda

A Russian official urges the government of the Russian Federation to ban Disney's new "Beauty and the Beast" remake after labeling it "a blatant, shameless propaganda of sin and perverted sexual relationships."   

The complaint was detailed in a letter sent by Vitaly Milonov to the Culture Minister Vladimir Medinsky and reported by state-run news agency Ria Novsti.

Friday, March 3, 2017

In conceivable reaction to Trump, EU parliament calls to end visa-free travel for US citizens

The European Union parliament as of Thursday calls to mandate U.S. citizens traveling/visiting European nations to obtain visas because the U.S. excludes five EU countries from its no-visa policy and the travel-ban enforced on travelers from seven Muslim countries - an executive order by the U.S. President, Donald Trump.

Disney to air first ever gay kissing scene in an episode of Star vs the Forces of Evil for kids.

Disney aired its first ever kissing scene in an episode Star vs the Forces of Evil which shows on Disney XD, and has also produced a version of Beauty and the Beast which has gay scenes.
In one of the scenes, protagonist Star and her friend Marco attend a concert and find themselves surrounded by kissing couples. Among the crowd two men can be seen sharing a smooch and later in the episode two, some lesbian couples are also spotted kissing.
Is it really necessary, Disney??! 

Thursday, March 2, 2017

Samsung group chief, Jay Y. Lee indicted on bribery charges

In what stands to be a major hit to the world's greatest smartphone maker, South Korean prosecutors have said Samsung Group boss, Jay Y. Lee and four other officials will be accused of bribery and misappropriation. 

Lee was arrested on Friday, February 17, 2017, over his alleged part in the corruption scandal involving impeached President Park Geun-hye of South Korea.

CNN Poll reveals 7 out of 10 say Trump's first address to Congress was largely positive

President Donald Trump's first address to Congress received largely positive reviews from viewers, with 57% who tuned in saying they had a very positive reaction to the speech, according to a new CNN/ORC poll of speech-watchers. His speech was very unifying and positive. 
Nearly 7-in-10 who watched said the President's proposed policies would move the country in the right direction and almost two-thirds said the president has the right priorities for the country. Overall, about 7-in-10 said the speech made them feel more optimistic about the direction of the country.

Donald Trump delivers first address to Joint Session of Congress, calls for peace and an end to hatred

After four controversial weeks of Donald Trump's Presidency, the 45th US president on Tuesday addressed both houses of Congress in a Joint Session of Congress and his speech has been hailed as the best since he became president a little over a month ago with most saying that he was channeling former President John F. Kennedy.

Leicester city in 'secret talks' with former England coach, Roy Hodgson

Leicester City in secret talks with former England and Liverpool Manager, Roy Hodgson to become their new manager after they inhumanely sacked (read here) their legendary coach, Claudio Ranieri just nine months after leading them to their first ever Barclays English Premier League Trophy in the club's 133 years existence.

'We fear UK may deny Lionel Messi & Neymar entry visas due to ongoing legal battles'

European football's representing body, UEFA has said that the body fears Barcelona stars Lionel Messi and Neymar Jnr might be denied entry visas into the U.K for the UEFA Champions League final in Cardiff this May in the event that they overturn a 4-goal deficit to Paris Saint Germain (PSG) at Camp Nou to qualify, because of lingering legal battles with the Spanish government.

Motivational: Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson reveals he had a .7 GPA... named Academic captain two years later

Another motivational tweet by Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson, 0.7 GPA, depressed and quit...
True, #KeepGrinding

Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Royal Air Force bans servicewomen from wearing skirts on parade

In an attempt to make service more inclusive to transgender personnel, the Royal Air Force has reportedly banned women from wearing skirts on parade.
The change is understood to have followed after some servicewomen had complained that marching in skirts is uncomfortable to them.
Confirming the new policy to the Sun, an RAF source said the updated uniform policy was designed to reflect the RAF as a 'modern and inclusive employer.

South Africa to become first African country to legalize marijuana

South Africa soon to become the first African nation to legalize cannabis sativa, popularly known as marijuana/weed/pot for entirely therapeutic purposes. In a letter addressed to Inkatha Freedom Party (IFP), who have been championing the authorization of the Medical Innovation Bill, the Medicines Control Council (MCC) revealed that the proposed guidelines on cannabis production for medical use would soon be published.

2017 Lent fast begins today 1st March, 2017.

Lent fast is a Christian tradition and the 2017 season kick off today March 1, 2017 with Ash Wednesday and ends on 13th April, 2017. It will last for 40 days until Easter. The Lent period reflects when Jesus fasted and suffered in the desert for 40 days and 40 nights, before he started his ministry. According to the Bible, he was tempted by Satan during this time, but each time he managed to refuse his temptations. Happy Lent!

China to commence paying families to have more children

The Chinese government is as of now considering giving families financial support to have more than one child in a bid to reach higher birth rate targets with population of over a billion people and counting.

It's an unbelievable turn around from more than four decades of the country's one-child policy with strict/ harsh penalties for having more than one child, including fines and forced abortions.

Arsenal manager, Arsene Wenger turns down annual £30 million offer to manage in China

As per new reports, Arsenal manager,  Arsene Wenger has rejected a mammoth £30 million per year deal to manage in the Chinese Super League, despite the fact that he isn't sure of his future at Arsenal taking after fan dissents at the Emirates. 

Arsene Wenger, 67, has a £8 million a-year deal to manage Arsenal FC that runs till this late spring, and despite being unsure if his contract will be renewed or not due to unrest at the Emirates Stadium over the English club's trophy drought, many feel Wenger should have accepted the huge offer from CSL which will make him the highest earning coach.

Happy New Month People

Happy March 2017 to you all... Make a better person of yourself in this new month.

Tuesday, February 28, 2017

'Let's make this fight happen' - Floyd 'Money' Mayweather calls out UFC's Conor 'Notorious' McGregor

Undefeated retired boxing champion, Floyd 'Money' Mayweather calls out UFC reigning Lightweight champion, Conor McGregor, saying it's about time they battled for the satisfaction of the fans. McGregor and Mayweather have been going at each other via web-based networking media for months and the retired boxer who turned 40 on Saturday has now officially called McGregor.

Amazing dressing room footage of Manchester United players celebrating the EFL Trophy

From Paul Pogba and Anthony Martial singing along, Fosu-Mensah, Marcos Rojo, Jesse Lingard, Luke Shaw all got caught up in the frenzy.
See the footage after the cut

Iranian filmmaker who boycotted the Oscars over Trump's travel ban, won Best Foreign Language Film

Asghar Farhadi, Director/Producer, won his second Oscar for Best Foreign Language Film at the 89th Academy Awards, but Farhadi was not in attendance to claim the Oscar for his film, "The Salesman." 

Asghar Farhadi boycotted the Oscars awards in protest of President Donald Trump's executive order that temporarily barred travelers from seven majority-Muslim countries, including Iran, from entering the United States of America. 

Salome Kwarwah, Liberian nurse who survived Ebola dies of complications from pregnancy

Salome Kwarwah, the Liberian nurse who survived the deadly Ebola epidemic dies of complications from pregnancy on February 22, 2017 at age 28. 
Salome thought her life was over when she tested positive for Ebola, which killed her parents.  But after recovering at the Elwa 3 Doctors Without Borders/Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF) Ebola treatment center in Monrovia,Liberia, she began working as a mental health counselor there, helping others to fight the virus. She told her story before her demise:

Monday, February 27, 2017

Oscars 2017: Complete list of winners

The 89th Academy Awards (Oscars) took place on Sunday, honoring the best in film. “La La Land,” tied the all-time record with 14 nominations. Viola Davis won her first Oscar for Best Supporting Actress. With her Oscar win, Davis puts herself one step closer to a possibility of an EGOT (an Emmy, Grammy, Oscar, and a Tony). With the win for her work in the 2016 film “Fences,” Davis already has an Emmy, two Tonys, five Screen Actors Guild awards, a Golden Globe and now an Oscar. Congratulations to her and other winners. Full list of winners after the cut.. 

Football: Jose Mourinho plots to lure Neymar to Old Trafford

Speculations suggest Manchester United manager, Jose Mourinho is in regular contact with Brazilian Barcelona forward, Neymar Jnr in a bid to bring the star-man to England.
According to SPORT, a Spanish newspaper, Mourinho has been trying to get Neymar to join United - explaining how the transfer would benefit the attacker's career and allow him to develop as a player. 

Rapper, The Game unfollows everybody except Nicki Minaj on Instagram

US rapper, The Game earlier today ranted on Instagram after he found out Meek Mill had been busy liking memes mocking Nicki Minaj - Kind of a bittered-ex thingy (Read here)
The Game unfollows everybody except Nicki Minaj on Instagram after the rant... Perhaps he'll get a Nicki reward after-all!

Video: Oscars 2017 Goof: "La La Land" wrongly announced the winner for best pictures

There was a major goof during Oscar awards last night when Actress/Presenter Faye Dunaway announced "La La Land" as the winner for best pictures that ought to have gone to "Moonlight." 

While the "La La Land" cast was in front of an audience embracing each other and giving their addresses, maker Jordan Horowitz made a declaration that stunned everybody. "Moonlight" had really won, holding up the card proving "Moonlight" was the winner.

'I will be your worst nightmare' - New Democrats chairman replies U.S President, Donald Trump

The newly elected chairman of the US Democratic political party, Thomaz Perez has answered President Donald Trump's congratulatory message with a very blunt and direct tweet.
He wrote:
Call me Tom. And don't get too happy. @Keithellison and I, and Democrats united across the country, will be your worst nightmare

Football: Jose Mourinho reveals the moment he'll leave football

Manchester United manager, Jose Mourinho, in a quite and rare emotional fashion revealed the moment he'll retire from coaching in a night his Manchester United side were celebrating the EFL Cup after defeating Southampton 3-2 at full-time at Wembley Stadium.

Manchester United defeat Southampton 3-2 at Wembley thanks to a Zlatan Ibrahimovic's brace and one from Jesse Lingard.
Southampton however came on level terms at 2-2 after their new signing Manolo Gabbiadini found the back of Manchester United's net twice in three minutes.

The Game blasts Meek Mill for liking memes that mock Nicki Minaj

U.S rapper, The Game comes for Meek Mill on Instagram for liking posts and memes that mock Nicki Minaj after Remy Ma bodied her in a 7-minute diss track titled Shether. (Read here)
The Game in his true fashion found a way to get in on the drama... For a start, it got the Game a follow from Nicki Minaj. 
Check after the cut for The Game's slanderous post about Meek Mill.

Game of Thrones giant Neil Fingleton dies at 36 of heart failure.

Game of Thrones' Neil Fingleton passed away following a heart failure on Saturday, February 25, 2017.
He starred in blockbuster movies such as X-Men: First Class and Jupiter Ascending, Mag the Mighty in the fantasy series.

Neil Fingleton stands at 7 feet 7" passing the height of Chris Greener to become Britain's Tallest Man in 2007.

Trey Songz' trying to so hard but only making things worse for Nicki Minaj

Earlier yesterday I shared a post (here) about an on-going beef between Remy Ma And Nicki Minaj - because of Remy Ma's 7-minute career-wrecking diss track aimed at Nicki Minaj. She alleged Nicki Minaj f*cked Trey Songz rapping - 'Only time you touch a trigga is when you fucked Trey Songz'.
The trigga line kinda struck line I guess because Trey Songz' been on every social media trying his best to clarify he didn't shag Nicki Minaj... 
Trey Songz who himself just got out of a misunderstanding with Keke Palmer is doing his best to make sure the allegation does not stick but the internet is not having his denials and good guy antics.
See what Trey Songz wroke after the cut

Sunday, February 26, 2017

Football: Manchester United lifts the League Cup after struggling to beat Southampton

Manchester United obviously were the favorite to win the EFL facing Southampton in the final at Wembley stadium. The game took an astonishing turn when Manolo Gabbiadini scored twice in three minutes - 45' and 48' time-mark canceling out Zlatan Ibrahimovich's and Jesse Lingard's goals and the struggle began for the Red Devils until 87th minute when Zlatan Ibrahimovich for the second time in the night found the back f the net - heading home a sublime cross from Manchester United's ever relevant defensive midfielder, Anders Herrera.

Game of throne! Remy Ma roasts Nicki Minaj in new seven-minute diss track - Shether!!

Full-blown beef between self proclaimed Queens of rap Nicki Minaj and Remy Ma got even more interesting when Remy Ma dropped a seven-minute Nicki Minaj diss track titled 'Shether'. The internet hasn't gotten anything like in a while... originally owned by Nas Ether. 
"You a A-list groupie"
"You only fronted on Mariah 'cause Mariah don't carry"
"Only time you touch a trigga is when you fucked Trey Songz"
Peep after the cut for the knockout lyrics

Thursday, February 23, 2017

Football: Leicester City sack heroic manager Claudio Ranieri. Sad!!!

Claudio Ranieri sacked by Leicester City Football Club just nine months after leading them to their first ever Barclays English Premier League trophy in the club's one hundred thirty three-year (133) history.
Following a poor run in the league so far this season leaving the defending champions in the relegation zone, the sixty-five-year-old had it coming - only a matter of time which ran out today.

Saturday, February 18, 2017

Terror Attack: Over forty people killed in Baghdad

No less than forty people killed in an explosion in the Shia zone of al-Bayaa  in Baghdad. The blast originated from car loaded with explosives parked close to an auto dealership in Shia. 
This is the third bomb blast to happen in Baghdad in three days. The first car bomb happened on Tuesday in the south of Baghdad while another explosion on used-car dealers occurred on Wednesday, killing eighteen individuals. 

Football: Mark Clattenburg ditches English Premier League for Saudi Arabia in megamoney deal

English Premier League referee, Mark Clattenburg, swaps English Premier league for Saudi Arabia in a megamoney move.
Clattenburg, 41, who has been a celebrated referee since 2004 called an end to his premier league career on Thursday.

Thursday, February 16, 2017

Sensitive areas to know about the female body.

Now you can try this at home!

Football: UCL: Real Madrid came from behind to dampen SSC Napoli's UCL hope

Lorenzo Insigne put the visitors ahead just eight minutes into the game at Santiago Bernabeu in the first leg of the knockout stage of the UEFA champions league.
The game ended 3-1 in favor of Zinedine Zidane's men when a comeback was initiated by Karim Benzema at the nineteenth minute, Toni Kroos at the forty ninth minute and a sublime volley by Casemiro at the fifty fourth minute.
World best footballer, Cristiano Ronaldo failed to find the back of the net yet again making tonight his longest goal drought ever.

Football: UCL: Arsenal disgraced 5-1 at Allianz Arena

Arsenal FC faced Bayern Munich at Allianz Arena in the first leg of the knockout stage of the UEFA champions league (UCL) and the hope of qualifying for the next round looks more unlikely for Arsene Wenger's men after going down five goals to one (5-1) to FC Bayern Munich at Allianz Arena.
Also reaching an unwanted milestone - making them the first English club to concede two hundred (200) goals in UCL.
Perhaps they can turn things around in the 2nd leg (miraculously).
See the scorers and time after the cut

Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Barcelona beaten and battered in Paris

Luis Enrique's Barcelona came short of what was expected of them while Unai Emery's PSG ran rampage with four goals, two from Angel Di Maria as he celebrates his birthday, one from new arrival Julian Draxler another one from Edison Cavani and a whole lot of missed chances by the Ligue 1 side.

Barcelona will have to turn this four goal deficit around if they must qualify for the next round.

Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Happy Valentine's Day

Dscus wishes friends and lovers all over the world a happy Valentine's Day... Have Fun!

Thursday, February 9, 2017

As shared by CNN on twitter: Not many people will agree.

+CNN International A new "wrong" study, you mean?! 

55% Americans support President Donald Trump's temporary travel ban

US President Donald Trump who is still as of now anticipating the decision of the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals ruling on his travel ban, tweeted out a Morning Consult/Politico poll that shows more  Americans support his travel ban. 

The poll shows that 55 percent of the 2,070 respondents support revoking federal funding to sanctuary cities and the same percentage are for the ban that locked out immigrants for seven Muslim-majority countries.

A Northerner's hate speech to non-Northerners in Nigeria

In the wake of the uncertainty of the health of the President of The Federal Republic of Nigeria, President Muhammadu Buhari, a Facebook user by the name Aliyu Hashim shared quite a disturbing post threatening non-Northerners in the West African nation (Nigeria).
I implore Facebook to swiftly take down this hate post - as I understand it's against there policy.
And someone please borrow this Mallam some sense.
+Facebook+ Fan Page