9-Year-Old Boy Shot Four Times While Filming TikTok Videos In Yet Another Senseless Shooting

9-year-old Javonni Carson is expected to recover after undergoing surgery to remove bullets that struck him while he was filming TikTok videos Wednesday, Atlanta. 

The boy was hit four times in a seemingly random drive-by shooting while filming the videos with his two older siblings. In addition to removing the bullets, surgeons also worked to repair Carson’s femur, which was shattered in the sad incident.

The Carson family set up a GoFundMe page to help pay for Javonni’s recovery. In the page’s description, Keyona Carson writes that her son is an honor roll student with a “magnetic” personality and aspired to become a rapper or football player. She also asked the public to think of the wellbeing of her other kids, saying they were traumatized from watching their brother get shot.

“I have 2 more children. They were there also, they saw all those guns, blood … the fire of those bullets as people fell in front of them and hid and ran and screamed for help.”
Other bystanders who were injured include a man who was shot in the hand and a man who was shot in the backside. 

Gaja Korean Bar, a local restaurant, said its security cameras captured footage of the shooting. The restaurant announced on Instagram it was shortening its hours the day after the incident to “ensure the safety of staff and patrons.”
“Tonight we will shortening our service from 5-9pm. After the tragic events of last night we will work hard to ensure the safety of our staff and patrons. East Atlanta is our home, we won’t give up on it. We’ll get through this together. Love, Gaja,” The caption read.
So far, the GoFundMe for Javonni Carson has raised $7,463 of its $20,000 goal in just three days.

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