Nurse gets sacked for discussing Christianity and offering to pray with patients before undergoing surgical operations

Mother-of-three with 15 years' experience with the Darent Valley hospital in Dartford, Kent, England was relieved of her duty as Nurse for discussing Christianity with patients and offering to pray with them before they undergo surgical operations, which is perceived to be a breach in guidelines, as it's reportedly also part of her duty/job to ask patients preparing for surgical operations of their religion.

Sister Sarah Kuteh said:
‘It was embarrassing for me – and painful after all I had done in my years as a nurse. I was told I couldn’t even speak to my colleagues. All I had done was to nurse from my heart. How could it be harmful to tell someone about Jesus?’
She admitted she may have addressed a couple of patients without their expressed consent when she initially started the employment, however was more cautious after a notice in April 2016 that there had been objections. In June, She was "stunned" when they advised her that three further complaints had been lodged against her, after which she was told to stop evaluating patients and was suspended a couple days after. She was sacked in August after her appeal was rejected.

She is now suing the hospital for unfair dismissal, describing her sacking as ‘disproportionate and punitive’.

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