Aftermath of Hurricane Matthew in Haiti
With over 339 deaths in Haiti, Jamaica, Dominican Republic and the Bahamas, the United States of America is bracing for what is believed to be the biggest storm in over a century and the first Atlantic hurricane since 2007 hence residents of Florida, Georgia, North Carolina, South Carolina have evacuated these regions for safety.

President Barack Obama has reportedly signed a state of emergency for Georgia, Florida and South Carolina mobilizing thousands of National Guard troops.

From a recent update, the speed of the wind is put between 20mph and 120 mph depending on the area. 

At least 339 people have already been killed as Matthew swept through Haiti, Jamaica, the Dominican Republic and the Bahamas.

Some people have refused to leave evacuate their premises instead throwing parties and flooding twitter with hashtags - #HurricaneParty #HurricaneMatthew.

A lady can be heard in one of the videos saying "Hurricane Matthew can suck my a*s" before gulping some drinks.

Rapper, Vanilla Ice in a series of tweets stated his intentions to stay put in his home on Palm Beach, Florida instead, wants to "ride it out"
He wrote: 
"This hurricane is going to be serious, and it's coming right at me. I am going to ride it out."

"Right now things are pretty calm, but you know what that means, the calm before the storm. The entire Florida Georgia and Carolina Coast.

"Riders on the storm. I am right on the ocean in Palm Beach looking at evil darkness sky coming with the hurricane"

Donald Trump, US Republican Presidential candidate has offered his thoughts and prayers and also while speaking to supporters in Sandown, New Hampshire, he said:
"It looks like it's going to be a big one, and it's going to be a bad one, it looks like. Hopefully it takes that 'right turn', but it looks like it's going in the opposite direction - not good."

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