Police were called upon a 40-year-old man (husband) and his mother in Jiangsu Province, East China when they showed up at the Xuzhou City Central Hospital with a pregnant 12-year-old for routine test to check the health of her fetus.

The man and his mother told already spooked medics the pregnant schoolgirl was 20 years of age, but they alerted the local authorities anyways because the lil' girl doesn't appear 20 physically.
I can't begin to imagine the pain that little girl is going through f*ck! I can't even imagine the pain grown women go through during pregnancy because I'm a guy but it looks painful.

Attempts by the doctors to interact with the girl so she could either corroborate what the man and his mother said proved abortive as she doesn't speak any Mandarin - hence, she's believed be a foreign national from Southeast Asia but her exact origin is still unclear. 

One of the staff at the Xuzhou City Central Hospital said: 
"It's obvious she is just a child, and certainly not anywhere near 20 years old."
Angered by questions from the hospital staffs, the 40-year-old husband was quoted as saying:
"I took her here to be examined - just do your job. Stop asking so many questions." 
Investigators are now made believe she was either abducted or bought as a foreign bride because the Chinese have history of purchasing Vietnamese brides from across the country's southern border.

See the graphic video below

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