This lady with the instagram name Aja Murai is ousting Singer/Rapper Drake as a gay-man... She went on Drakes page on IG to oust the Canadian-born Rapper of being gay claiming his manager contacted her be act as a beard for the rapper.
Well, nothing new if he is but then... 
See what the lady wrote after the cut

Let me preface this by saying: their relationship is fake. Drake is a full on gay man. All the signs were there when I met him. However, my suspicions were confirmed when his manager made me the deal of a lifetime. I was asked to join his "harem" in exchange for traveling the world and being paid generously. I assumed the role would involve being a groupie of sorts, but instead I learned that his harem is nothing more than a group of paid beards. I wanted nothing to do with this! I can understand why other women have jumped at the opportunity, but I wasn't willing to sacrifice my values. What I can't understand is why Rihanna would choose to play this role. I know she cares deeply for Drake, but a smoke and mirrors relationship like this will ony hurt her in the end.

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