R.I.P: Thai transvestite named Sexy Pancake dies from cancer caused by strapping down his penis during photoshoots

A Thai transvestite known as Sexy Pancake who became an internet celebrity for his weird online postings has died after developing peniscancer.

According to Daily Mail, the 27-year-old had his manhood surgically removed after years of taping the organ down, which caused the disease to develop.

Sexy Pancake, whose real name is Niwat Sangmor, died at 7.30pm on Saturday after being taken into hospital. The online legend was diagnosed with a problem in his penis after a visit to a clinic in Khon Kaen, north-eastern Thailand, following a short illness.

Local media reported surgeons had to amputate his manhood to stop the cancer from spreading. After he was admitted to the hospital, a short statement on his Facebook fanpage announced:

"Pancake started developing penile cancer because he always taped them up for photoshoots, and sometimes left them like that overnight."

Sexy Pancake won himself hundreds of  thousands of fans across Thailand and the world for his raunchy but comic depictions of life as a glamorous transvestite in the rural Isaan region of Thailand. 


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