WIERDOS: Schoolgirl missing for two years escapes after captor forgets to lock door

The 15-year-old disappeared in March 2014. Police said she left a note in the mailbox of 

the family home in Saitama north of Tokyo reading: ‘Please do not try to look for me.’

Her parents believed she was taken against her will but two years passed with no clue 

about her fate.

That changed yesterday when she suddenly called home from a payphone at a Tokyo train 

station, said a Saitama police spokesman.

Hours after the girl came under police protection, her alleged abductor, covered in blood, 

was found on a street in Shizuoka prefecture west of Tokyo, the spokesman said.

He told police he had tried to commit suicide by slashing his neck with a knife, local reports 


The girl, whose name has not been released, told police she was kidnapped by the man 

who had stopped her on the street on her way home from school, according to public 

broadcaster NHK and other media.

He enticed her into his car by saying her parents were divorcing, and forced her to write the 

note to them.

The 23-year-old man, identified as Kabu Terauchi, graduated from Chiba University east of 

Tokyo this month, having apparently attended school for two years while holding the girl in 

his apartment, the reports said.


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