BRAWL: Katt Williams gets beat up by a 15 or 17 yo...

41 year old Comedian, Katt Williams who just got out of jail for ordering someone to get beat up by his goons was beat up by a 15 year old recently. In the video that has since gone viral, Katt sucker punched a teenage boy who had been harassing him for awhile, the boy retaliated and threw Katt on the floor, beat him up and held in a choke hold.

In the full video, you could see Katt Williams, the boy and other teens playing football, then for some reason, the boy in red kept following Katt and talking smack. Katt told him to quit following him and get out of his face but the boy didn't listen. Katt sat on the grass while the boy kept talking.
He said "You used to be really funny, what happened? You're not funny no more"
Kat said: Boy I just got out of jail..and some other words that were faint.
The boy kept mocking Katt who got fed up and sucker punched the boy with his left fist.

People who knew the boy called him Luke and they all told him to let go off Katt Williams. Eventually he let go but Katt remained on the ground.

While on the ground Katt Williamsn asked someone if the teensger was her son and she said NO. He said

"Tell me that's your child..I got sons".
While still talking smack the boy kept trying to defend his actions to the eyewitnesses there. He said Katt punched him firsat.

Katt told the boy:
"Don't back up on me little boy. You could be my child."
"Why did you hit him like that?" someone asked the teenager. He said "He hit me first"

The person who couldn't be seen in the video responded:"But you was all in his face".

Then a male voice told Katt Williams."Get up before the police come".

Kat then said.." In this community you hit a celebrity, I probably don't care about that no more". "I am in the hood everyday".

Then he got off the ground and some teenage girl said "Why don't you sign some autographs, lol".

The boy who beat up Katt Williams put a part of the video on his facebook page and titled it "HAHa! He nothing but talk💯"

Watch the video below.

Video credit: Luke Dagreat

Watch a longer version of the video here:

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