JK Rowling hits back at twitter trolls with Chamillionaire lines

Trolls should learn to leave billionaire British author JK Rowling alone, she seems to have the perfect response almost every time. One man called her a 'radge' with 'obscene wealth' and what did she do? Sulk and moan about online trolls? Not JK Rowling. She borrowed a line from Chammilionaire's hit song swapping 'rollin' for 'Rowlin'.

The troll wrote: "She uses her obscene wealth & lawyer droids to threaten & bully. Tell the radge to bolt", Rowling replied: "They see me Rowlin' they hatin'".

The rapper whose real name is Hakeem Seriki applauded her effort, she responded with emojis and twitter went agog.

source: lindaikejisblog.com

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