TERROR OR FOR PROTECTION: Man carrying two guns and a Koran arrested at Disneyland Paris.(2!!!)

French police arrested a man carrying two handguns at the Disneyland Paris amusement park outside Paris on Thursday, an Interior Ministry official said.
According to the police, the 28-year-old man of European origin had been carrying the two guns, including an automatic handgun, concealed in a bag that also contained a copy of the Koran religious text. He is now being questioned by the police.
The man was reportedly arrested quietly and went with the police without protest, according to BBC. Park-goers seemed to carry on unaffected by the incident. Employees at multiple hotels around the resort told the Associated Press they continued functioning as usual after the arrest.
A woman said to be his girlfriend was also arrested. A spokeswoman for Euro Disney, which runs the amusement park and whose main shareholder is U.S-based Walt Disney Co., had no immediate information to offer about the incident.
The man was unknown to police prior to the incident and his bag set off a security alarm as he went through a metal detector at the Hotel. A police source said the investigation did not point to terrorism, and that the man claimed he was carrying the weapons for personal protection.

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