Amber Rose speaks about Kanye's attack

Yesterday, Amber Rose blasted Kanye West after he attacked her ex Wiz Khalifa on twitter and made comments about her son with Wiz. Amber said she got involved because Kanye mentioned her son. Below are some of the things she supposedly said on a podcast that will be released on iTunes Friday.
Amber says kids are off limits and that shows your character. Kids are innocent babies and u never talk about them.
Amber sais she is not surprised Kanye would say that cuz she knows him. "He is a fucking clown". She said last week Kanye came out with a song saying her son is her meal ticket and she didnt say anything cuz he is a cornball.
She added that Kanye calls her a stripper and what not but took her around the world and they dated for 2 years. "He still talks about me in songs, he still talks about me all day".
When Amber was asked about the fingers in booty, she said: "Dont talk about my kid, thats all i gotta say",
She would never had said anything if Kanye didnt mention her kid. She would have kept it cute if it was Wiz and Kanye only- Second time this week Kanye has talked about her baby.

source: lindaikejisblog

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