Sex abusers yell Allahu Akbar as they are sentenced to 81 years in jail

Mohammed Sadiq and Tayab Dad respectively
Sex abusers yelled 'Allahu Akbar' as a posse of six men were sentenced to 81 years over the awful sexual abuse of two young ladies in Rotherham.

A total of six men (three of them reportedly brothers) were convicted of multiple crimes - rape and false imprisonment after their pre-teen victims were systematically groomed.

Altogether, the men were sentenced at Sheffield Crown Court to nineteen "disgusting" offenses against the "guileless and powerless" victims. 

Nasar Dad and Matloob Hussain respectively 
They were told by the judge they would serve a total of eighty one years in jail after the offenses over ten years back.

Basharat Dad, 32 of Eastwood, Rotherham, was sentenced to twenty years in a correctional facility after a jury discovered him blameworthy of numerous child sexual offenses a week ago. 

Basharat Dad's brothers, Nasar Dad, 36, of Eastwood, Rotherham, and Tayab Dad, 34, of Tinsley, Sheffield, were imprisoned for a fourteen years and six months, with one year on licence, and ten years each for their offenses. 

As per police findings, Amjad Ali, 36, of Hodthorpe, Worksop, conceded to sex with a minor - under 13 at a court hearing a year ago. 

Amjad Ali and Basharat Dad respectively 
Today he was sentenced to eleven years in jail, and one year on licence.

Also sentenced were 40-year-old Mohammed Sadiq, who was imprisoned for thirteen years with one year on licence, and 42-year-old Matloob Hussain, who was also imprisoned for thirteen years and one year on licence. 

Temporary Detective Chief Inspector Martin Tate said:
"Today's hearing is the culmination of a lengthy and complex investigation into the sexual abuse and exploitation of vulnerable children in Rotherham nearly two decades ago.
"This is our third significant inquiry into child sexual exploitation in Rotherham and with the lengthy jail terms handed down to these individuals today, we have now put 18 criminals behind bars for over 280 years.
"This was a South Yorkshire Police led investigation in partnership with Rotherham Council and the Crown Prosecution Service, and I would like to thank them for their assistance with the investigation.
“Following the successes achieved, we will now continue to move forward using the learning and best practice we have acquired over the last few years, through work done with our brave victims, their families and partnership agencies, to apply this practice to future investigations.
"I'd encourage any victims and survivors out there who are yet to come forward to please get in touch or tell someone you trust. Officers and specialist support agencies are here to listen, to investigate and to bring perpetrators of this heinous crime before the courts.” 

Source: Mirror

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