Football: UCL: Arsenal disgraced 5-1 at Allianz Arena

Arsenal FC faced Bayern Munich at Allianz Arena in the first leg of the knockout stage of the UEFA champions league (UCL) and the hope of qualifying for the next round looks more unlikely for Arsene Wenger's men after going down five goals to one (5-1) to FC Bayern Munich at Allianz Arena.
Also reaching an unwanted milestone - making them the first English club to concede two hundred (200) goals in UCL.
Perhaps they can turn things around in the 2nd leg (miraculously).
See the scorers and time after the cut

Bayern Munich                                          Arsenal

11' Arjen Robben
                                                                    30' Alexis Sanchez
53' Robert Lewandowski 
56' Thiago Alcantra
63' Thiago Alcantra
88' Thomas Mueller


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