Sex shop vandalized and boycotted for offensive display of dildos with photos of the holy family.

A sex shop, Non Sit Peccatum in Toledo, Spain, came under heavy citicism for displaying dildos with photos of the Holy family painted on them. 
The shop owner, H├ęctor Valdivielso, had an artist paint the Baby Jesus, The Blessed Virgin Mary and Saint Joseph on ceramic sex toys. 

A protest was held outside the shop, the shop sign was vandalised and some groups vowed to boycott the business.

The shop owner removed the offensive sex toys and replaced it with a poster asking for votes for the offensive sex toys to be put back on display or gone forever, guess what?! Hector claims It got more votes to be put back on like WTF!

It doesn't matter what the vote says, Hector, Christianity is a belief and day to day guide to billions of people worldwide... Let the minority vote win in this situation and those offensive sex toys be gone forever.

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