Rubbish! Naked women Protest nudity ban on Facebook. [Photos]

Nude photographer, Trina Cary reached out to women for a nude photoshoot to protest Facebook's ban of her nude photos on the social media.
Some women numbering to thirty according to reports showed up to protest the ban but with many other reasons, One of which is the oldest in the book; insecurities about their body.
Being naked is something of privacy, to the viewing of the entire world, Ma! it's indecency!
It feels like it's time to serve these nudists apples from the middle of the garden of Eden again. 

“We as women are so frequently told our bodies are dirty, or need to be hidden, or that there is something wrong if we don’t meet certain standards. This is about owning and loving ourselves and about not being complacent when people want to censor us explained that the reason for the photoshoot was to defy facebook and all those who report her photos.One of the women told Metro UK.
Trina clarified that the photoshoot was to challenge facebook and each one of the individuals who report her photographs...
"These are the images people should see, these are the images your children should look at. Don’t you want your daughter to see a photo of you standing strong and confident, embracing your flaws and laughing with a bunch of women?