[Photos] Another Designer faces criticism for creating another offensive same-sex depiction of the holy family.

Designer, Mark Thaler, creates two Christmas decoration depicting the holy family as homosexuals.
It's very offensive.
Fundamentalist Christian groups call the ornaments a ‘blasphemous attempt to rewrite the Christmas story’ and expressed frustrations at the length to which the LGBT community will go to normalize their behavior.
Before you attempt cheap publicity again, think of people shitting on your treasures/values if you got any.

The attention hungry designer, Mark Thaler claimed he removed the highly offensive decoration from the online shop where it was displayed for sales out of respect for his fellow humans - meaning you lost your respect when the idea crossed your, you didn't have the respect when you went on to create it and definitely didn't remember you've gotta respect Christians/Christianity when you put it out for sales. FOHWTBSR! 

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