American police use water spray, rubber bullets and other weapons on protesters causing some protesters with severe injury

American law enforcement is reportedly in a stand off with nonconformists at Standing Rock in North Dakota. The nonconformists are against the decision by the American government to build an oil pipeline called the Dakota Access Pipeline through their land which will cause environmental degradation and displacement of the locals larger part of whom are Native Americans. 

Police have acknowledged utilizing sponge rounds, bean bag rounds, stinger rounds, teargas explosives, pepper spray, Mace, Tasers and a sound weapon. 

Linda Black Elk, an individual from the Catawba Nation who works with the Standing Rock Medic and Healer Council said: 
“We’re going to hope for the absolute best. If they do attempt to remove people forcibly, we are certainly preparing for mass casualties.” She believes racism is at the heart of the high handed tactics employed by law enforcement officials. “The thing is, racism is nothing new here. It has always been there; it’s just bubbling under the surface” she said.

The continuous clash has seen one lady's arm almost blown off, according to the victim's dad, and another complaint asserts that another lady was shot in the eye, causing detachment of her retina and now she fears being permanently blind. 

The Mandan, North Dakota, police chief, Jason Ziegler, has affirmed that law enforcement agencies "can utilize whatever constrain important to look after peace".-DSCUS!

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