First ever green card issued in Serie B. Referees to carry green, yellow and red cards for football matches [Video]

Vicenza attacker, Cristian Galano becomes the first player in history to receive the green card.
The Serie B side's attacker was shown the green card for fair play.
Perhaps it will help bring out the truth in footballers... We all know they take to different antics - lying- to always be at advantage.

Officials of the second tier announced the inclusion of the green card for fair play at the beginning of the season and said that the player with the most green cards at the end of the season will receive a reward.

Tuesday marked the first instance of the new policy, when Vicenza attacker Cristian Galano admitted that no Virtus Entella defenders had touched the ball when referee Marco Mainardi had incorrectly called for a corner kick.

Andrea Abodi, Serie B President admits that the cards are largely symbolic, but is eager to promote the second tier competition in a positive light following match fixing scandal that rocked the league at the beginning of the season.

Abodi said:

"It's a symbolic award, it could be something very simple. The important thing is to recognize it when a professional does something exemplary."

A serie B spokesman added:

"We think that football needs positive messages."
"This sport is too often embroiled in controversy that drives people away from the stadiums."

Source: Goal

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