3-year-old kid survives after his mum decided to pull the plug on his life support

A 29 year old mother, Kerry Askin, whose 3 year old child had been diagnosed to have lung cancer was compelled to settle on the sad choice no parent ought to ever be confronted with -- pulling the plug on his life support!

The mum had been cautioned that her child, Dylan, who was lying unconscious on the hospital bed, would not survive the uncommon type of cancer. The tumor had got him gravely sick with bacterial pneumonia and brought on his other organs to come up short.

After the young man was baptised, his family settled on the shocking choice to pull the plug only for him to recoup. 

As per the story, when Dylan touched base at the healing facility it was found he had both lungs collapsed and was later diagnosed to have a type of lung cancer and was given chemotherapy. The next month he built up an infection and had a seizure, which made him quit breathing once more. He was given CPR via Caroline Blake at Little Nippers nursery when he collapsed.

Dylan's mum who is from Somersal Close, Shelton Lock, needed to share the account of Dylan's disease and phenomenal recuperation. She said:
"Dylan first presented with a single collapsed lung on Christmas Day 2015. He was breathless and distressed at lunch time so after a visit to the walk-in clinic we got rushed to A&E at Derby where they suspected pneumonia at first. "After no improvement, they did an X-ray and discovered the collapse and that his lungs looked unclear and potentially were covered in air-filled cysts." 
"We were transferred to Nottingham QMC where they did a chest drain to release the air. Dylan, who has two brothers Bryce, aged six and Logan, aged four months, was discharged on January 7, however he had another single collapse on the right side again on four days later. He was discharged again on February 1, but things soon got worse.
"On February 10, he had a double collapse at Little Nippers nursery. His breathing became labored quickly and I took him into the lobby and called 999 and was told I would get a phone call back." 
"He got worse so I called again and stressed the nature of his condition. Then I was just on my third phone all back to them to express how quickly he was deteriorating when he stopped breathing and the wonderful Caroline Blake took over and gave rescue breaths so I could continue on the phone to the paramedic counting his breathing out once he started up again." 
"Once we were at Royal Derby Hospital A&E, it was discovered both lungs had collapsed and staff started putting him on the ventilator and putting chest drains in. "A team from QMC came across to fetch him and as we arrived in Nottingham, so did his biopsy results which came back as Pulmonary Langerhans Cell Histiocytosis which is now recognized as cancer, so effectively lung cancer. On Valentine's Day, his tubes were removed."
In any case, Dylan remained in the doctor's facility since he required consistent chemotherapy and thoracocentesis and on March 18 he had an infection and had a febrile seizure in the ward which made him stop breathing once more. 

Mrs Askin asked:
"On Good Friday we were told he wasn't going to survive and we had him baptized and all said goodbye. "Myself and his dad, Mike, stayed with him every second and on Saturday morning we made the tough decision to remove life support but once the muscle relaxant was turned off to start the process we discovered he needed more sedation. Upon doing that he slowly improved."
"Finally he was released on April 4 which was mine and Mike's seventh wedding anniversary so again a wonderful gift! He final chest drain was removed on May 20 and we were discharged just over two weeks later."
Dylan stunned specialists to be alright to be discharged from the hospital in April . 

Wish you a wonderful life lil man!
Thank God you beat it.

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