Another unarmed African-American man Terence Crutcher, 40, was shot and killed by a killer-cop Betty Shelby with the Tulsa Police Department Oklahoma, USA. 
Shelby who has since been placed on "PAID" leave reportedly shot Crutcher after he'd been shot with a stun gun by another officer, Tyler Turnbough.
Crutcher was left on the ground unattended to eventually bleeding out...

That was really cold, really really cold Betty Shelby!

Officer Shelby and other Officers at the time were responding to 911 calls of an abandoned SUV in the middle of the road which happens to be Crutcher's...

A man can be heard in the helicopter footage of the scene saying: 
"Time for a taser. That looks like a bad dude too. Probably on something"
Police Chief Chuck Jordan announced, Crutcher was unarmed neither was any weapon found in his SUV. He affirms not to know what transpired at the scene leading upto to the killing and what prompted trigger-happy Officer Shelby to shoot and kill an unarmed man.

What happened initially between the police and Crutcher will forever be unknown-atleast from Crutcher's side because Officer Shelby did not activate her patrol car's dashcam... 

PS: The story we get is that of Shelby!

Are these killer-cops doing population control targeting only blacks or they are just showing who is the coldest...

Many incidences of cops killing people especially African-Americans yet the United State government hasn't done anything whatsoever to effectively deter their cops from these heinous crimes is appalling.

It's time to stop these blood-thirsty psychopaths and only the government can.
I implore the U.S government to put an end to this genocide... 


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