InTouch mag is reporting Angelina Jolie used to beat Brad Pitt, describing her as a wife from hell. 
It's apparently a bitter divorce and all sorts of things will be said.
PS: I'm not saying she didn't neither am I saying she did...

From Daily Mail
Us Weekly claims that while Brad, 52, and Angelina, 41, were living together at their huge Hollywood Hills compound, they took to staying in different parts of the 80,000 sq ft estate.
"Angelina basically had her own wing and he (Brad) had his', a source close to Brad told the publication. 'They began living these separate lives." 
A representative for Brad declined to comment when contacted by
 A representative for did not immediately respond to requests for comment.
The insider also revealed that the former couple who share six children, were fighting more and more ahead of the break-up.
'Their arguments progressively became more frequent,' the source said.
Brad allegedly 'didn't want to be alone' and turned to friends while working on his latest movie Allied to discuss his problems.
'He said he was just worn out and fed up with problems at home,' an insider claimed. 'He said they've had rocky moments before, but this is the roughest patch they'd ever been through.' 
A source close to Angelina alleged that she wasn't happy with Brad airing their dirty laundry, telling Us Weekly:
'She cannot deal with anyone talking about their business.' 
The couple's estate - which will be divided with their other properties as they hash out a $400 million divorce agreement after signing a prenup - is made up of five houses and features a skate par, three swimming pools and a secret cave.
Ian Halperin, author of Brangelina: The Untold Story of Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie, recently said that Angelina is considering relocating to the UK to further her political career. 
'She's a woman with an agenda, she wants to leave the United States, she wants to work in the UK, she wants to get in the House of Lords, she has a non-profit foundation there. She has her sights set on England,' he told the Daily Star. 
And while she will indeed be spending more time in the British capital, particularly as she has been appointed a visiting professor at the London School of Economics, a source told People that Angelina is not making a move their full time.
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