High-school sweethearts Michelle Paet, 28 and her husband Staff Sergeant Nathan, 28 both pictured above has four children together between the ages of two to nine.

Nathan was heading out to work extra shift when his wife sent a message alerting her would be killer boyfriend/lover of her husband's location just so he could finish him up.

The plan worked for the night as Nathan was reportedly shot five times in the back.
He staggered back into the house where he collapsed on the floor and eventually succumbed to his wounds as his horrified children watch on and his wife was in act.

Nathan (pic'd above) joined US Airforce and served loyally, working tirelessly to make enough money to take care of his family while his wife Michelle was cheating with a man she worked with at a telemarketing company.

The killer lover Michael Rodriguez, 36 (pictured right) and Michelle (scarecrow) pictured left.

Michelle wanted to be with Michael, but wasn't willing to walk away from her marriage without anything. She knew she'd be in line for $400,000 from the military in the event of Nathan's death and a life insurance policy worth $250,000.

On the night of 1st December 2010, Nathan got ready to for work while his wife Michelle sent a message to her lover Michael who was lurking around.
She wrote:

  "He's rushing to get out of the door. LOL," The message read.
Michelle pretended to be distraught and cried in front of her children and medical personnel. Then a few hours after her husband was confirmed dead she sent a smiley face text message to Michael.

Michelle however wasn't about that life when she wasted no time in confessing upon interrogation and admitted that she and her lover had planned for Nathan's murder for two months but Michael wasn't willing to confess at first claiming he was having sex with another woman in a Las Vegas hotel at the time of the shooting, but the woman, an ex porn star, said she'd been offered money by Michael to give him an alibi. He had told her he was about to come into a large amount of cash.

Both Michelle and Michael were charged with Nathan's murder in September 20156. Michael received life in prison without the chance to appeal or parole while Michelle pleaded guilty to conspiracy to commit murder and to first-degree murder with use of a deadly weapon.

Michelle broke down when she faced Nathan's parents.

"I'm sorry." she wept. "I love you guys and I love my kids, and I hope that this is closure for you." "I was emotionally vulnerable," she said. "I made a huge mistake and a really bad choice and I'm truly sorry."

As a woman of faith, I forgive you because your soul clearly needs forgiveness," Nathan's mum said to Michelle.

According to Nathan's mum, Michelle's kids still jump up from bed at loud noises because they fear their mum could attack them the way she killed their father.

The Judge said "You were much more involved than you're willing to admit," He said. Michelle, now 33, was sentenced to life in prison without the chance of parole.

According to the Judge, Michelle threw away years of devotion for a man she'd known just six months.


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