Former Manchester United manager and current club Ambassador, Sir Alex Ferguson believes Jose Mourinho was wrong to have returned to Stamford Bridge on a second stint.
Mourinho was appointed at Stamford Bridge for the second time in mid-2013 and immediately led the blues to an EPL glory but was quickly followed with a very dissappointing season, hitting his worst managerial records when his players betrayed him.

Something that's common among Chelsea players just like John Terry, Frank Lampard, Didier Drogba... betrayed Andre Villa Boas... Perhaps story for another day!

Peep after the cut for what Sir Alex Ferguson had to say about Jose Mourinho.

"I thought Jose was wrong to go back to Chelsea, I really do. I think it's always difficult going back to somewhere for a second time."
"The ability, charisma and personality, his success is high, won a Europa with Porto, winning titles with all the teams he's managed. His record - you can't ignore that.
"I think Manchester United is the right club for him, I really do. I think we'll do well."

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