Real Madrid Star Cristiano Ronaldo has been nothing a positive guy both on and off pitch, from motivating AS Monaco's Joao Moutinho to step up to a spot kick to building positive spirits of sportmanship in his Argentine Barcelona rival Lionel Messi respectively.

Lionel Messi announced his retirement from international duty after losing to Chile in the recently concluded Copa America Centenario.

Making it the second time Argentina lost to Chile in the Cops America final both on penalty shootouts. Messi missed his penalty this time perhaps the more reason he made the drastic decision that has got buh names both in the game and outside the game spinning.

Ronaldo said;
         "Messi has taken a decision and people have to understand him. He's not used to defeats and disappointments, or even finishing second."

         "Missing a penalty doesn't make you a bad player. It hurts me to see Messi crying and I hope he comes back to the national team."

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