A gathering of Anti-Trafficking activists in Washington, D.C. was held to mark the release of State Department's 2016 Trafficking in Person's report.

The U.S State Department's Anti-Trafficking comprises activists/individual from different countries in the world: Senegal, Pakistan, Russia, Nigeria, Cyprus - all with photos of victims they've rescued from this illicit and despicable act against humanity.

Believe me, these perpetrators will go the farthest to look the realest and convincing but please ensure to take photos and also have a verified travel agency endorse any agent you intend to release your children or wards to.

One of the Activists, Oluremi Kehinde who works with Africans that have been trafficked for sex in Russia shared the photo and the story of an 18-year-old Nigerian girl brought to Russia with what she thought was a student visa to study, then forced into prostitution - Read her story below:

"Victims brought for prostitution have their passports taken away from them. She would have to work to pay up the $50,000 to $60,000[to her Captors] before she could earn back her freedom. This girl only paid $15,000, so she was locked up in an apartment where she had to serve customers. Many victims are threatened that if they run away, their family in Nigeria would have to pay up - or be harmed."
 "In the process of working as a prostitute, she had to have anal intercourse with men. Many times, if the victims refuse, they are humiliated, beaten up, some are even thrown out a window or killed. So most victims agree. The girl's large intestine became twisted and blocked. She could not go to the toilet and became weak with a serious stomachache. She was dying, but the traffickers didn't help her."
"I found out about this case and I got the police involved. We got her out of there and into the hospital for surgery. She was crying, "I don't want to die, I don't want to die."
 "Four weeks ago, we returned her to Nigeria and we are now working to arrest the people who brought her to Russia. She's better now, with her parents.

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