Piers Morgan thinks Kim K should act more like a role model...

At the Vogue 100 Gala held in London last night, Kim defended her right to post nude pics but Piers Morgan thinks she's wrong. Appearing on Good Morning Britain, the 51-year-old said the reality star has a responsibility as a role model, to behave in a certain way.
 Kim said: 'For me, it wasn't even about flaunting it. I felt good about myself so let ME do what I feel comfortable with. If you are conservative and if you're not comfortable with that, that's amazing too'

But Piers Morgan said: 'Kim Kardashian just called me amazing. She's wrong about the naked selfies. Do that to Kanye. I've got no problem with what she does in her own life.

Doing it to a bunch of millions of young girls... is that really the arbiter of success for women in the world now? No, it's not. Actually, she looked very stylish last night. Be stylish. Be cool, be sexy, be genuinely empowering.'

He also took a shot at Harriet Harman who defended Kim and her topless snaps.
He said: Now she wholeheartedly supports her topless selfies, saying they're empowering women and it's all about gender equality.

'Harriet's digging herself in a little hole here,' he said. 'She needs to work out whether it is or isn't offensive.'

source: lindaikejisblog

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