FOOTBALL: BREAKING NEWS: Michel Platini resigns as UEFA president after his ban from football is reduced to 4years

Michael Platini has resigned from his post as UEFA president after his ban from football for 6 years was reduced to four years by the Court of Arbitration for Sports (CAS).

CAS effectively removed Platini from world football by ensuring his ban runs beyond his current Uefa mandate, which expires in March 2019. The court said in a statement that the ban “corresponds to the duration of a presidential term”.

“I take note of today’s decision from Cas but I see it as a profound injustice,” Platini said in a statement. “This decision inflicts a suspension on me that, as luck would have it, stops me from contesting the next election for the FIFA presidency.''
“As agreed with the national associations, I am resigning from my duties as Uefa president to pursue my battle in front of the Swiss courts to prove my innocence in this case. 
“Life is always full of surprises: I am henceforth available to experience more of them.”
In a media statement made this morning, CAS said; CONTINUE


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