DISCIPLINE or ABUSE?: Should parents smack their kids? The debate is on

One caller on TV show, This Morning, sparked a firestorm after asking people to share their thoughts on corporal punishment. It faces a proposed UN ban and this has divided opinion.

One caller Elizabeth, felt there is nothing wrong with a smack on the nappy or the hand: 'I just feel now that children have more rights than parents. I see parents being bitten and hit and all the parents do is tell their children not to do it again. But it doesn't work.'
Another caller, Lauren, had a different view, she said: 'I'm against every form of abuse - tapping, smacking everything.

'There are better ways of explaining to your children what they've done wrong.
'I don't think it was OK now and I don't think it was OK back then.
She added: 'Children think that's the way to solve things.
'I couldn't ever smack my child because I would never want to see in their eyes what I felt when I was smacked as a child.
See other responses below and share your thoughts.

source: lindaikejisblog

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