BOXING BEEF: 'If I had one more knock-out shot I'd land it on his jaw': Boxer Nick Blackwell blasts 'disgusting' Chris Eubank Snr

Boxer, Nick Blackwell, who retired from boxing recently after he suffered injuries to the skull following a knockout fight with Chris Eubank Jnr which left him in induced coma for a week, has blasted father and manager of Chris Eubank Jnr, Chris Eubank Snr saying he would punch him in the jaw if he had one last knock out shot, labeling his attention grabbing antics as 'disgusting'.
The former boxer was upset by his opponent's comments in the media afterwards and for holding a press conference, when the Blackwell family pleaded with them not to do so while their loved one remained in a coma. But Eubank Snr said he felt pressured to speak out so he didn't come across as being 'cold'.

In his first interview since the fight, Blackwell told Piers Morgan at the Good Morning Britain Show this morning:
'If I could have one more knockout shot, I'd love to land it on the jaw of Chris Eubank. 'I haven’t any hard feelings about the fight because you’re in there to win and try and hurt someone — it’s just the stuff he has done after. It’s inhuman, it’s disgusting. 
'They were trying to make themselves look like the good guys when they are the opposite. If Eubank was in that situation in a coma, I would have gone to see him. The press conference - my family begged them not to do it. They went ahead and did it. They said they wouldn’t speak about me, just Eubank’s future.  
'He could have just put out a one-liner saying “we’ve been in contact with the Blackwell family and they don’t want us to do a press conference and when he wakes up, then we will do a press conference”. 
'I haven’t got anything against (Eubank Jnr) as a fighter,' he added. 'I think he’s a really good fighter, but some of the things he’s said and done I personally wouldn’t have done.'
Blackwell also claimed that Eubank Snr's much-lauded recommendation that his son stop hitting his opponent in the head was not out of kindness. He said:
'Anyone in boxing knows it was more of a tactical thing. He couldn’t stop me in the head, so he went for the body to try and get rid of me.'

Blackwell insists he can't remember anything from the fight, which nearly killed him, but has been told exactly what happened by family and friends. He said:
'I couldn’t remember anything about the fight. All a complete blur. I got told when I woke up and I wanted to say thanks to the doctor. He induced me into a coma about 13 minutes after being in the ring. And yeah, my flat lines died for a little while and he injected me with adrenaline and I started breathing again.'
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