Bobby Shmurda's gang member gets 98 years in prison

I say oh dear because rapper Bobby Shmurda is set to be tried on the same charges his friend was tried on and he got 98 years. Rashid Derissant was sentenced to 98 years in prison on charges including conspiracy, murder, attempted murder and assault. Rashid was convicted last month and was sentenced this week.

Bobby's trial will begin in September and it's exactly the same multiple drug, gun and murder charges. 
Crime doesn't pay... Many of these rappers and street guys look upto 2pac but inspire his(2pac) gangster affiliated life-style, he always spoke about making a difference positively... Ya'll put the guns down. You only succeeded in putting yourselves in early grave and lengthy life behind bars and eternal pain to families of your victims. EVERYBODY WANTS TO BE HARD

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