ANIMAL ATTACK: U.S.A: Florida woman is left with $203,000 bill after rattlesnake bite

For 56-year-old Cindy Vise, it was just another bright, Sunday morning but something else lay in store as she opened her door. Unknown to her, pigmy rattlesnake was nestled on her comfy doormat and she stepped right on it with predictable consequences.

She was rushed to hospital where she received several doses of antivenin at $20,000 each and doctors kept her overnight for additional tests and observations.

Her daughter Silva said doctors had to make sure 'she wasn't getting blood clots from reaction to the venom'. After the immediate business of saving a life was taken care of, there was a hefty $203, 000 medical bill to see to.

But the family did find a charity that will 'pay up to $36,000' Silva said. 
However, that still leaves Vise, who didn't lose her leg and should make a full recovery, stuck with $167,000 left to pay for medical costs. 

Silva said that her and her children are taking extra precautions when they walk outside now. Vise and her daughter have set up a GoFundMe account with hopes of getting the cost down.

source: lindaikejisblog

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