RACE MATTERS: NYPD Refused To Arrest White Trump Hotel Exec Who Allegedly Assaulted Black Mom In Front Of Her Kids

Nathan Crisp, 34, has been charged with assault after allegedly twice throwing 27-year-old Sheneik
McCallum to the ground in front of her children during a row over her parking on Easter Sunday.
Rather than being booked in at a police station, he was given a desk ticket and sent on his way ahead of a court appearance on May 2 – something McCallum says is ‘disrespectful’.

Speaking to the press Thursday, she said, ‘You know, to get a desk appearance ticket after you slam me to the floor… he could have broke my back, I could have been dead in front of my own two kids.
‘I feel like it’s unreasonable and it’s disrespectful. That’s all I have to say.’
Crisp – whose now deleted LinkedIn page says he is vice president of revenue management and distribution at Trump Hotels – is accused of flying into a rage after Ms McCallum pulled over outside his building to check her baby was secured in its car seat.
Ms McCallum said she pulled over outside the affluent Brooklyn apartment block to check on her child when Crisp shouted at her to get off the private property, where condos cost up to $6,000 a month.
He is claimed to have blocked in the young mother’s car with his own vehicle before attacking her, community advocate Tony Herbert told the New York Daily News.
Police say Crisp threw her to the ground twice during the heated exchange on Sunday. Crisp furiously denied the allegations, saying: ‘I am totally innocent of all charges and look forward to defending this matter in court at which time I am confident that I will be fully vindicated.
I don't see/read all these fake A** celebrities boycotting these racist organisations... Immigrant Donald Trump has made known how much hate/racism there is in U.S.A... 



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