Gorbachev urges Putin and Obama to meet over Ukraine

Ex-Soviet leader Mikhail Gorbachev noted that despite the fact that politicians belonging to his generation had managed to end the Cold War and the global confrontation between capitalist and socialist systems, the world remained unjust, militarized and violent.
He reiterated the point that the blame for this lies with Western nations that hurried to celebrate their victory and paid little attention to cooperation with Russia on global security issues. Gorbachev added that the new global world required completely new rules of behavior and morals, and that these should be developed by all nations together, reports.

Gorbachev criticized the work of existing international groups, such as the UN and G20, saying that they were always too slow to react and that hardly anyone could call their responses successful.
At the same time, he pointed out that there were examples of constructive approaches to challenges that have resulted in some positive shifts, like the Russian-American dialogue on Syria.
Gorbachev emphasized that this success should be expanded to other spheres of relations, first of all to the current situation in Ukraine.
"We should not leave the Ukrainian crisis unattended like an abscess from which fever is spreading across Europe and the whole world. Europe cannot survive yet another ‘frozen conflict.’ I again address presidents Obama and Putin with an urge to have a meeting to discuss this continuing crisis, like I already did in January 2014.

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