FOOTBALL: Lee Chung-yong hits out at Pardew

Crystal Palace's South Korea midfielder Lee Chung-Yong has blamed Alan Pardew for the Eagles' disappointing second half of the season in a remarkable series of criticisms of his manager.
He hit out at Pardew's reluctance to rotate his starting XI and claimed he once had to remind the coach how many substitutes he had used during a match.

               "Pardew is very smart in training but he's too hot tempered in matches, so he even forgets                   how many substitutes are left," Lee told Sports Seoul.
               "He told me to warm up, then we used all three substitutes, so I sat on the bench again.                       Five minutes later, he told me to warm up again so I told him there was no substitutes left.                    He just said: 'Oh, sorry.'
L.C Yong is now seeking a move to another club where he'll/can get more play time.

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