INDUSTRY: The Rapper Who Wants To Slap 50 Cent's Eyeballs Loose Also Insults Kendrick

Social media tends to be the outlet that several celebs use to "vent" — sometimes about their peers — and such was the case with Jay Electronica, who came for Kendrick Lamar during a Periscope rant.
According to Hot New Hip Hop, Jay was answering a few fan questions in the back of his car, and when he was asked to share his opinions on a few current rappers in the game, he didn't hold back. When asked about K.Dot, his responses varied, but he claimed he only likes the Compton MC's Gunplay collab, "Cartoon & Cereal," before throwing a little shade. "Other than that, we don't know what n***a talking about," he added.

Don't get it twisted, though. Jay still has love for Kendrick — sort of. "Don't say 'f**k Kendrick.' That's still our brother," he said. However, he changed his tune once again when someone said the young MC could body him in a battle.
"Kendrick is my son," he said. "Kendrick is my baby. Kendrick wishes he could be me."
As far as other hip hop heavy-hitters like Drake and Freddie Gibbs, Jay showed nothing but love. When 50 Cent's name was tossed around, though, he held no punches once again. "Right now, he got the potential to be a rapper but he's on some sucker s**t," he said. "We will slap 50 Cent's eyeballs loose out his scalp."
While Jay's honesty was definitely entertaining, Periscope itself snagged the clip from the app.
Speaking of Kendrick Lamar, did you know President Obama is a fan? Take a look at the video, below, to learn more: HERE

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