HERO DOCTOR: Doctor who was declared brain dead after an accident has his organs donated

Chinese doctor, Jin Junhua, 36, has been unconscious since he was hit by a drunk driver in January 2016. On Monday, doctors declared him brain dead.
Jin's wife, also a doctor, wanted to fulfill her husband's wish – he wanted to donate his organs after he died. So she has decided to donate Jin's heart, kidneys and liver to other patients.

His heart was transplanted on a 64-year-old woman who suffered from serious heart disease.

Jin's story has made him a hero in Chinese social media and many believe that what he did wasn't just an act of benevolence but has also helped to raise the public image of doctors.
According to CCTV, doctors in China have been subject to violence in recent years with patients often demanding quality service from doctors but many complain of poor services, leading to confrontations.
This has also led to a growing distrust toward hospitals.


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