GRAMMY: Adele Finally Says ‘Hello’ To Lionel Richie At The Grammys

Both Adele and Lionel Richie performed at the 58th Annual Grammy Awards, and both singers have iconic songs called “Hello.” Richie poked fun at the overlap a few months ago on Instagram, posting a side by side comparison pic of himself and Adele on identical old school phones. Now, he’s finally had the chance to meet the star he’s been playing phone tag with since October.

During an interview with Nancy O’Dell at the Grammys red carpet pre-show, Richie said, “I have not had a chance to meet [Adele] yet, but I’m here tonight to meet her backstage. I’m looking for her. And my opening line is going to be, ’Hello. It’s me.’ She’s going to say, ‘No, no. Is it me you’re looking for?’”
O’Dell then asked the most important question of the evening: Will Richie and Adele collaborate on a “Hello” mash-up? “We have to,” he replied. “Don’t worry—it’s coming.”

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