USA: Vice President Joe Biden admits he regrets not running to be POTUS 2016

“I regret it every day,” the vice president told NBC Connecticut’s Keisha Grant. “But it was the right decision for my family and me.”
Biden kept the option open for months, sparking speculation through the summer of 2015 that he could challenge Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders for the Democratic nomination. A pro-Biden Super PAC, Draft Biden, even launched an ad urging him to run.

But it all came to an end on Oct. 21, when Biden, flanked by President Obama, held a news conference at the White House to announce that he would not seek the nomination after all.
Now, Biden says he plans on staying “deeply involved” with the 2016 presidential run and thinks the Democratic party has two “good” candidates.
“There’s real robust debate between Hillary and Bernie,” Biden said. “As there would’ve been if I was in the race.”
The vice president noted that there have been no personal attacks between the two Democratic candidates.
However, he indicated that the campaign hasn’t been “very illuminating” when it comes to the Republican presidential candidates.
Source: Bossip

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