TI:Jeweler Sues T.I. For $700,000 After Dodging A Decade Of Decadent Diamond Payments


An Atlanta jeweler, Aydin & Co., is fed up and has filed a lawsuit against Clifford “Tip” Harris for allegedly taking rings, chains, and other luxurious baubles for years!

According to TMZ, the jeweler says that back in 2014 they crafted a 18.5 karat white gold bracelet in addition to a yellow gold rosary for Tip and he’s only paid them $20,000 on the $44,000 bill.

Moreover, the folks at Aydin claim they’ve made numerous pieces for “The King Of The South” for over ten years and he owes them $400,000 in total!
Tip says this whole thing is some ol’ f**kboy bulls#!t.
Seems like a lot of these jewelers get themselves into these situations where they make a LOT of jewelry for rappers who haven’t paid for said services.

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