Re:Tips for Going Back to Work After Divorce.

I can't count the number of women I know who were stay-at-home moms when they were married, and for financial reasons had to go back to work after divorce. That includes me, and I can say firsthand how unbelievably difficult the transition was.
So, how do you land a job you love that also fits your single mom lifestyle? It's not easy, but it is certainly doable! Here are eight job searching tips I wish I could have told myself as a mom going back to work after divorce.

1. Get help writing your resume. How many years has it been since you put together a resume? For me it had been over a decade. Get some help with it. Ask people who work if you can see their resumes to get an idea of how to write yours. Have friends and professionals edit it for you and give you feedback.
2. Consider working with a job coach to help you decide what jobs to go after. Probably the hardest thing about going back to work after divorce is figuring out what jobs to go after. Lots of things have changed since you left your last job, and most of the job descriptions are confusing. What do you want to do? What are you qualified to do? What hours can you work? How much do these jobs pay? Job coaches work with you to determine the right career fit and explain and put those wordy and complicated job descriptions into plain English!

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