MISSING PERSON: Desperate search for flight attendant last seen at the airport

A desperate search is underway for a flight attendant who disappeared from an airport before she was set to leave on her next trip. Sierra Shields, 30, was set to take off from La Guardia Airport in New York on a Delta flight on Thursday, but vanished before she made it to the plane.

Her work supervisor said she came in and spoke to her earlier in the day, and suddenly quit without an explanation. Friends and family also said they had noticed something different about her in recent days 

Her father told Pix 11 that Shields spoke to older sister on the phone earlier in the week and thought something was off about her. Her father added that she didn't have any enemies and didn't have a boyfriend.
She was so concerned that she flew to the city to see her. But by the time she arrived Shields had gone missing.  
'Her roommates noticed that about her,' he said. 'They noticed some things had just changed in the last week with her as far as her personality and what was going on with her.'
'There are a lot of people that love her. I want to experience what they call "Sweet Sierra" again.'
Loved ones have set up a Facebook page, Find Sierra Shields, in a bid to track her down.

A post on the group reads: 'Please help find this beautiful young lady! She is a precious, bubbly, and happy person. 
'She lives her life by God's word and is such an amazing, helpful, and caring daughter, sister, and friend. 
'All of us who know her, love her very much! If anyone has any information, please contact the number in the picture or this page. Please share and pray for her and her family!'

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