A Good Person Just Lost Her Job: The lady who rehabilitated a drunk in her neighbourhood loses her job

A few months ago, I brought you a story about a lady, Olorunfunmi Adebajo, who rehabilitated a drunk in her neighbourhood. (Read here). She recently lost her job at Lagos State Eko Project (Education job) and her reaction in a post on Facebook is awe inspiring. Read it after the cut...

I lost my job 2 days to 2016...i have thrown two 'termination of appointment' parties and my niece thinks thats a wierd reaction considering how much I loved my job. As one whose spirit cannot be bowed by circumstances, i'm super excited about the new year. Its time to explore, get knowledge and hone my skills in preparation for the centre stage...by God, give me three months!!!

Anyone in a similar situation? The year doesnt feel new and you are wondering why everyone else is happy but you? Trust me life happens but till you decide not to be a victim, life will keep happening. Don't let life toss you, make life happen on your terms.

Cry if you have to, talk to someone but make sure you stand up, rise up from where you are. You have so much to offer. You are more blessed than you feel, stonger than you think, greater than you imagine.

Look in the mirror and see a conqueror. Beat your chest and say I cannot be defeated. I'm the light of the world and the life of the party.

Life wants to ahow me pepper. ..me, i'm already making pepper soup...and its gonna be veeery sweet.����


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